More than a few consumers have received or purchased the android tv box and not have a clue about its operation.

 This page will provide the dummies how to use, and get the most of their android tv box. It's revolutionizing the way we now watch tv.

 I will outline step by step how you begin watching tons of media on your smart tv box. Please remember, that the power of your box directly  relates to your home network, in other words your INTERNET and how it is configured. So with that in mind let's proceed.

 Connect the HDMI cable provided with the box to your tv input usually located at the back or side , Note which HDMI you are using on the tv.

 [If you still own the OLD FAT CRT TV then upgrade to a digital tv.]

 Connect the power cable to your box and plug into power outlet, powering up your tv box. 

 Using your TV remote which should have a button labeled as "SOURCE" or "INPUT" navigate to the HDMI input you just plugged the box into.

 The Image of the HOME PAGE is shown above. Now using your box remote scroll to SETTINGS which is always shown as a cogwheel.

For those  who do not know what a cogwheel is, it is the top thumbnail image at the right of your screen. Click OK and proceed to connect to your  network.

 If your network is password protected you need to Click OK so the virtual keyboard shows on the screen. Click DONE after input of password is  completed. TO BE SURE THE CORRECT PASSWORD WAS ENTERED, PLEASE CHECK BOX THAT SAYS "SHOW PASSWORD" 

 Once confirmed that the password is correct then you click OK on "CONNECT NOW" You know the box is connected when it shows wifi or  ethernet  connected with your IP address shown as well.

 Hit the home button on the box remote to go back to the HOME PAGE and look for image  for KODI which is shown below.




 Navigate using your remote to KODI and click it open. If it is programmed it should show as seen below.



 Navigate to the Videos and once Videos is blue highlighted click to addons just below it. The screen image of the Video Addons appears as  shown below.

 IF screen shows a list form you may change it by clicking the left arrow button on your remote and a menu pulls out from the  left of your  screen, click to change it to how you wish to view it.   

 I recommend that you get used to just one or two addons like, 1Channel at the top and Genesis until you become more familiar using the  box. 

 Check back on this page because I will be adding additional info, desiarable to know regarding the awesome addons programmed on  our android boxes. If you have a box and wanted it WOW programmed please email us at: